I grew up in Olympia, Washington. I graduated from Scripps College in 2019, where I dual majored in art and biology. During my time at college, I worked at the Scripps College Press, a letterpress studio that produces and sells student-made artist's books. My work is primarily illustrative.

        Often, when you ask an artist about the formative moments of their identity—when they decided they wanted to be an artist, when they realized they could be an artist—the answers are more metaphorical. However, I remember the exact day that I realized that I could do art. It was the first day of sixth grade, and my art teacher showed the class how to draw noses. They weren’t good noses, but they were clearly, recognizably noses, and I could draw them. Suddenly, I could be an artist.

        My art is all about communication of information, be that a narrative or an objective concept. I work primary using digital and traditional media such as pen, marker, and colored pencil. I like drawing people, animals, and cartoony exaggerations. 

        I’m interested in creating stories that I want to read. If other people like them too, that’s a fun bonus.

        If you're interested in my work, please feel free to contact me at morganstewart012@gmail.com